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Sea Turtle Camp

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Come change the world and become part of the global conservation effort in the Costa Rican Sea Turtles program with Sea Turtle Camp. We work alongside dedicated environmentalists to collect data on threatened and endangered sea turtle species that frequent the Caribbean coastline. Whether you already love the ocean, care deeply about sea turtles, or want to travel the world, this adventure is for you! 

This program is designed to immerse participants in Central Americas natural treasures. With six of the seven species of sea turtles found along its coasts, Costa Rica is the perfect location for marine biologists. Well help collect data with a community-based, non-profit conservation organization studying the behavior of turtles at one of the largest nesting aggregations in the Western Hemisphere.  

Your tropical education will continue long after we leave the coast. Well raft down the Pacuare River, learning about riparian habitats while looking for sloths and birds in the trees. Next well join researchers at a university outside the Monteverde Cloud Forest to learn about rainforest ecology and the variety of species supported in the trees. Well also experience the incredible diversity first-hand as we zip-line through the rainforest canopy 

In addition to working with turtles, well provide hands-on, feet-wet training in the different aspects of being a tropical ecology. Coastal conservation is a compelling mission of all of our programs, so well respect the ocean and all its inhabitants by participating in eco-service projects that will directly improve the health of the worlds oceans. Come make a difference and have an experience you will never forget with Sea Turtle Camp! 

  • Volunteer with a non-profit nesting patrol group

  • Learn sea turtle species identification

  • Sea turtle patrol training

  • Sunrise and nocturnal turtle nest walks

  • Contribute to long-term data collection on nesting population

  • Whitewater raft down the Pacuare River

  • Study rainforest ecology in Central America

  • Take naturalist guided hikes through the rainforest

  • Zip-line tour through the cloud forest

  • Receive Spanish language instruction


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