Creative Writing Camps & Summer Programs for Teens & High School Students

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Summer Study Programs  
Summer Study Programs offers domestic & study abroad opportunities for high school students at Penn State University, Colorado State University, Fordham (New York City) and The Sorbonne (Paris, France).
US and International  
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4 Star Camps  
Located on the University of Virginias historic campus in Charlottesville; 4 Star Camps offers several co-ed camps, each having its own unique goals and atmosphere: Academic Enrichment, SAT Prep, and TOEFL Prep, Golf, and Tennis.
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Oxford Summer Academy  
Oxford Summer Academy is an exciting and academically enriching camp located in Oxford, England's leading city for academia- steeped in history and renown. We offer academic courses in all major subjects, coupled with social activities and excursions.
United Kingdom  
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Alfred University Summer Programs  
Alfred University offers residential academic programs for high school students interested in art, science, engineering, entrepreneurship, theater and writing. We also have equestrian and swim camps.
New York  
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