Community Service Camps & Summer Programs for Teens & High School Students


SPI Study Abroad  
SPI Study Abroad offers high quality college credit language immersion programs exclusively for high school students. Immerse this summer in Spain, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Italy!
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Rustic Pathways  
Rustic Pathways is a 31-year-old global leader in community service, adventure, education, and immersion programs for high school students. We have over 90 different trips in 17 countries, with options for every type of traveler.
US & International  
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The Road Less Traveled  
The Road Less Traveled offers teen summer travel programs: Community Service, Leadership Training, Wilderness Adventure, Family, and Language Immersion in the U.S. and abroad.
US and International  
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World Horizons International  
World Horizons International, LLC, established in 1987, set the benchmark for teen community service travel. Life, Service & Cultural Adventures!
US and International  
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Lifeworks International  
Lifeworks offers service-learning travel programs to teenagers, combining community service projects with cultural immersion and outdoor adventure activities.
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Global Scholars Program  
The Global Scholars Programme (GSP) is a three-week summer experience for a select group of international secondary school students, which takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.
South Africa  
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Global Leadership Adventures  
Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) offers 1 to 6 week community service learning programs for ages 14-18 in Africa, Asia & Latin America. Programs combine volunteering, hands-on learning, & adventure. Make a difference and learn about another culture.
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American Jewish Society for Service  
The mission of AJSS is to build Jewish leaders by inspiring teens to put their Jewish values into action as they provide significant service to communities in need.
United States  
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Havaya International Israel Experience  
Havaya International is a month-long summer experience like no other. American and Israeli teens create an international community and lasting friendships through traveling, exploring, learning, growing, and helping communities in need of tikkun olam.
US & International  
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Visions Service Adventures  
Since 1989 VISIONS has set the standard for international community service programs. VISIONS summer community service programs for teens, and middle school students, blend ambitious volunteer projects, cultural immersion and fun.
US & International  
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Adventures Cross-Country  
For over 30 years, ARCC has offered life changing experiences for teens in unique locations worldwide focusing on service learning, language, cultural immersion and adventure activities.
US and International  
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Deer Hill Expeditions  
Inspiring journeys for young adults in the American Southwest and Costa Rica. A mature and experienced staff (average age of 28) lead small groups of 12-15 students on expeditions in CO, UT, NM, AZ, and Costa Rica.
US and International  
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Epic Sierra Adventures  
Epic Sierra Adventures offers affordable outdoor adventure programs for teens. Activities include rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking, caving, visiting historical sites, and completing fun service projects throughout the Sierra in California.
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Hawaii Wilderness Adventure School  
Ready for adventure? With a focus on education, culture, service and leadership, earn high school credit while enjoying the best of Hawaii's outdoors.
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Williwaw Adventures  
Unique Expeditions exploring New England, the Pacific Northwest and The Bahamas. Small groups. Motivated participants. Exceptional leaders. Activities include backcountry travel, sea kayaking, rafting, surfing & sailing.
US & International  
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Summer Study Programs  
Summer Study Programs offers pre-college and study abroad programs for high school students at Penn State University, The University of Colorado Boulder, Fordham University (NYC) and The Sorbonne in Paris.
US and International  
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Global Works Travel  
For More Than 24 Years, Global Works Has Been An Industry-Leader In Providing Exceptional Community Service, Cultural Exchange, Adventure Travel, And Language Immersion Programs For Teens.
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SeaTrek BVI  
SeaTrek BVIs summer camp at sea programs offer jr. high, high school and college age students an opportunity to learn Sailing, Diving and Marine Science.
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